Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Before I continue, let me share to you an experience that I had when I was hospitalized a months ago. There was this nurse who’s really kind, and he’d talk to me every time he’d go to my room. Then at one point, he asked that most awaited question, “saan ka nag-aaral?” Of course I feel a little proud to say, “UP Manila” (I was still weak because of my fever). Then he asked, “anong course mo?”. Then I instantly said, “Nursing”. You know at that point I felt excited. Because at the back of my mind he might say, “wow, talaga? Nursing ka? Tapos sa UP Manila pa? Edi matalino ka?” But NO. Instead, he replied, “Talaga? Nursing ka? O, welcome! Welcome sa mga UNEMPLOYED.” I was shocked. Shocking, but true. Right there and then, I realized that even if we are what they call the “cream of the crop”, the “iskolar ng bayan”, now that we've already graduated, we will inevitably be part of that unwanted sector of the population… the unemployed. No matter how beautiful you try to pronounce it, you’re still UNEMPLOYED... JOBLESS... UNPRODUCTIVE… SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE WELLNESS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THIS COUNTRY. And what’s worse, until now, most of us still don't know what to do now that we've graduated and taken the nursing licensure exam. This kind nurse even asked me, “Pag ba graduate ng UP, deretso na sa PGH?” With the PGH entrance exam in mind (which unfortunately not all UPCN graduates are able to pass recently), I replied, “No”. Then he said, “Ahhh. Siguro nga. Yung mga nakakapasok lang agad dun ay yung mga ‘anak ng Diyos’.” Initially, I thought that what he was talking about are those who are super intelligent. But later did I realized that what he pertains to as “anak ng Dyos” are those who have excellent internal support system, or in layman’s term, “yung may kapit”.

Increasing number of Nursing graduates in the Philippines
I don’t know if that is true or not, but what I believe to be true is the fact that we, new graduates of nursing, will be facing a new challenge, and that is to find a job or a career. There are about 160,000 to 200,000 unemployed and underemployed registered Filipino nurses in the country, according to the Professional Regulatory Commission. And year by year, this number increases as new nursing graduates enter the workforce. Now we can say that this unemployment and underemployment in nursing is TRENDING in the Philippines.

Call Centers in the Philippines
So the question that you can ask now to your formspring and twitter friends is WHAT DO WE DO NOW? WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Well, I have a few suggestions that I can give you based on the trends that I have seen over the years. About two years ago, the Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE has observed a trend in nursing graduates wherein a huge number of them started venturing in unrelated fields specifically as call center agents. As holistic as we are, we do not find any difficulty in relating with people from all walks of life, so being a call center agent isn’t that much of a bad choice! One more, just last year, it is brought to our attention the case of forced volunteerism, wherein Non-Employee Registered Nurses work in a hospital (either government or private), with similar workloads and responsibilities of employed staff, for the premise of, but not limited to: receiving Training/Volunteer Certificates, and increased chances of being hired. They are either unpaid, insufficiently paid, or worse required to pay a fee to render Nursing services. So if you’re willing to spend a large sum of money in order to get that small chance of getting hired or having that satisfaction of making yourself believe that you’re not unemployed, then this path is for you. These are but the sad truths that we are yet to face. Sad… but TRENDING. But I ask you, will you be part of this trend?

Only a few of us know that nursing isn’t just about being a part of the ward, or working as a community nurse. Much more than what we are taught here at the college, nursing offers us a wide range of fields and specializations where we can excel at, a few of which our guest panelists will be talking about today. But believe me, not everyone knows this. I believe that nurses nowadays end up unemployed or underemployed, not because they don’t have a choice… but because they do not know their choices in the first place.

I challenge you now. What path will you take? Will you be contented and be part of the current trend in the Philippines, and blame those who are “anak ng Diyos” for your failures, or will you be part of something bigger and will you set your own WORLDWIDE TREND?

Friday, April 13, 2012

WOMEN of TODAY = MEN of YESTERDAY? Transgenders in Miss Universe

Sa isang beauty pageant...
Host: How can you describe the women of TODAY?
Contestant: The WOMEN of TODAY, are the MEN of YESTERDAY!

Until now, I can't help but be amused with this joke. But if we would think about it, numerous members of the gay community cross-dress and make themselves beautiful. Some would even undergo surgical operations to "convert" themselves to the sex that they aspire. They are what you call TRANSGENDERS. Mind you, a lot of them even look more beautiful than real women. You wouldn't even think that they're gay unless you hear them speak with their bass to baritone voice. Most often, you will see them in gay pageants in several barangays during feasts, wearing their extravagant feathery costumes, introducing themselves with quotes and lines that most people will find rather funny and highly amusing. Yes, somehow, this turned into a sort of entertainment during barangay feasts.

I never actually thought that members of LGBT would actually join a prestigious beauty pageant, one exclusive for women for that matter.

Just a few days ago, the Miss Universe committee announced that their rules will  allow transgenders to join the pageant in 2013. This is due to Jenna Talackova's case, a Canadian contestant, that was disqualified due to not being "naturally-born" woman. But apparently, all her legal documents and IDs indicate that she's a woman, after her surgical gender re-assignment when she was still 19 years old.
(From Reuters)
This decision by the committee excited local transgenders. Well, of course they'd be excited! Imagine, they will have the chance to become THE Ms. Universe. Well, that is if the Bb. Pilipinas committee will allow it to happen. There are different, perhaps contradicting opinions from each side. Of course the LGBT committee would actively advocate for it to happen. But negative remarks against the idea is inevitable. Especially from the church.

Looking at it closely, this will be one big step for what they clamor: gender equality and gay rights. With this, they will also be given equal opportunities. But personally, I think it shouldn't be pursued.

First of all, Philippines is not ready for the big change. Yes, let us say that there are a LOT of gays here in the country, but the citizens are far from accepting their growing community yet. Filipinos tend to think rigidly. Especially that most Filipinos are Roman Catholic. Definitely, the church would then oppose anything that promotes homosexual nature, and consequently, most devout Filipinos would illogically follow them. My point is, if ever transgenders will be allowed to join the Binibining Pilipinas, many would go against it. Come to think of it, do you think that those guys that are always excited to watch the girls walk on the ramp with their sexy bikinis will still be happy if they have to scrutinize each contestant if she has a REAL vagina or not?

Secondly, I find their advocacy to gay rights as inappropriately too much. I have nothing against them. In fact, I'm for them, but there are certain limitations to what we want. In my philosophy, whatever God gave to you, you have to treasure and accept it with all your heart. If He created you with a penis, you have to value that. I always believed that you can still love someone of the same sex. Love is a right everyone has, for it comes in different forms. You don't have to have your genitals removed or replaced just to make yourself believe that you can already love a man, just because you look like a woman. Well, it's all been done, they underwent the operation already. It's their choice. But for me, I think it's too much that they'll still ask to be a part of something that is meant for women in the first place. Miss Universe is for REAL women. It's called MISS Universe for a reason. Much more the BINIBINING Pilipinas. If they want, perhaps they can pursue an international beauty pageant for gays.

That is just my humble opinion. In the end, all of these are just titles that celebrate one's beauty. What matters most is the heart, be it of a boy, a girl or both, it doesn't matter. As long as you know who you really are, you don't have to wear a crown and a sash just to make the whole world to see your real beauty.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Si IKAW at AKO: Plastic ban, earth hour and hotdogs

Ikaw: Uyyy, ano yan? Pasalubong ba yang nakikita ko? Para sa akin ba yan?

Ako: Teka lang, kakarating ko pa nga lang, etong bitbit ko na agad ang tinignan mo. Hotdog sandwich, galing 7-eleven.

Ikaw: Ahh. Hotdog. Gusto ko nyan. Mahilig ako sa hotdog e.

Ako: (laugh)

Ikaw: Anong nakakatawa? (laugh) Ikaw ah, kung anu-anong iniisip mo. Pero hindi nga, para sakin ba yan?

Ako: Syempre hindi. Sa kapatid ko 'to. Nanghihingi ng pasalubong. Dahil daw kasi ako yung nahuling umuwi ng bahay, dapat bumili ako ng pasalubong para sa kanya. Kahapon kasi binilhan nya ko ng Cornetto disc. Favorite ko pa naman yun. I think it's better than Magnum.

Ikaw: Ikaw na. Ikaw na ang dakilang kapatid. (laugh)

Ako: Hindi naman. Tsaka balita ko National Siblings day kahapon. Anyway, nakakatuwa talaga. Tignan mo 'to oh (shows paper bag containing the hotdog sandwich)

Ikaw: Oh. Sa 7-eleven yan? Pati pala 7-eleven wala na ring plastic. Akala ko sa SM Molino (malapit na SM sa amin) lang "no plastic" na, pati pala sa 7-eleven.

Ako: Yeah. As I've heard, may plastic/styro ban na sa buong Bacoor. Ang nice diba? Una ko 'tong naexperience noon sa Alabang. Kaya pag namimili kami, lagi kaming nagdadala ng reusable bags na gawa sa tela. Apparently, naging hit na rin sya sa ibang lugar. Katulad na lang ng Bacoor. I bet nagpapasakit lang yang mga governor at iba pang officials sa mga lugar na yan.

Ikaw: Nagpapasikat man o hindi, the point is, it's good for the environment. In compared sa plastic, mas mabilis naman mag-decompose ang paper. And personally, mas cute tignan kapag naglalakad sa na brown paper bags ang hawak mo. Parang sa States lang.

Ako: Kaso ang hirap bitbitin. Kaya nga maganda na meron kang dala-dala lagi na bag, or something just to hold those brown paper bags. Lalo na pag grocery. Imagine those na nag-go-grocery na commute lang. They have to carry all those brown paper bag, with the risk of it breaking etc. Mas matibay naman kasi talaga ang plastic. But anyway, wala naman akong naririnig na nagrereklamo. The thought of being environmentalist seem to excite most people.

Ikaw: Ahh, in speaking of which, nag-join ka ba dun sa Earth Hour? Yung magpapatay ng ilaw for one hour?

Ako: Hindi. (laugh). Hindi namin namalayan. We were so busy with what we're doing na hindi namin namalayan tapos na pala ang Earth Hour. Oh well, lahat naman ng kapitbahay namin, nakabukas pa rin ang ilaw. So I guess hindi rin nila namalayan. Ang pinakamaganda kasing gawin ng mga nagpapatupad nyan ay effective dissemination of information. Dati naman nakakasali kami. Grabe kasi mag-advertise sa TV, sa malls, sa internet etc. Ngayon, kung hindi pa ako dumaan ng SM at nakita ang karatula sa entrance ng parking lot, hindi ko pa malalaman na Earth Hour pala. Parang ganun.

Ikaw: Sabagay. O sige. Aalis na ako. Hindi naman pala para sa akin ang hotdog na yan. Maghahanap na lang ako ng ibang hotdog dyan sa tabi-tabi.

Ako: Sige, good luck friend!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Accusations against the vain girl on the cross: I think it's too much

(From Interaksyon TV5)

And so, it goes viral. The tourists who took turns for a picture with a cross spreads like wild fire over social networking sites, which Christians deemed blasphemous. Common comments of those who've seen the pictures would be "dapat ipako na lang yan" or "hindi na nila ginalang yung krus".

But personally, over naman yung ibang accusations against dun sa nagpapicture sa krus. Wala naman silang masamang intention of offending us. They're just VAIN and CREATIVE. Just like most of us.

Yes, it's true that what they did was wrong based on our religion, but we don't have to give out remarks like "ipako na yan!" By doing so, we transform to the very people during Jesus' time that throw rocks to criminals, or even to those who actually shouted for Christ's crucifixion just because he "allegedly pretended to be the Messiah" which obviously offended their culture at that time. 

Pwede namang pagsabihan na lang ng maayos para hindi na nila uulitin. But by making it viral over the net, and adding very-negative-comments-like-it-came-from-a-perfect-person, we grab their chance of redeeming themselves and somehow "crucify" them the cyber way.

Hindi naman lahat nang nakita ko na comments ay katulad ng nasabi sa itaas. Some are actually level-headed enough to see what is happening. Katulad nga nang isang nabasa ko, lahat ng kasalanan daw ay pantay-pantay. Kung tinutuligsa natin ang mga ganito ng sobra-sobra, ibalik natin ang tanong: would we react the same way to those who cheated? to those who practice promiscuity? to those who says bad words? I don't think so. Dahil nga siguro Holy Week noong lumabas ang issue na ito, most people acted na parang nagpapakabanal sila, so over sila sa pagtuligsa sa ganitong "kabastusan".

Let us always remember, all of us are sinners. We don't have any rights to condemn other people, wishing them harm by any means. True, these tourists' posing at the cross may be far, far less sinful than doing or even wishing harm to others.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Miss na kita

Kislap ng gabi’y nabalot ng kadiliman
Kung mata ng puso’y pilit na tatakpan
Habang ika’y iniisip, umaapaw ang kasiyahan
Wari’y ang iyong ngiti, aking nasulyapan

Ang puso nananabik sa haplos ng salita mong masarap
Katawan ay nangungulila sa mainit mong yakap
Ilang araw, ilang linggo, kailan ang susunod na sulyap?
Sa iyo, O anghel na bumaba mula sa alapaap

Sa aking paglalakbay patungong tahanan
Ikaw ay laging naririto sa aking isipan
Ang iyong ngiti, ang iyong labi, kahit ang iyong katatawanan
Malamang sa mais mong biro, kailanma’y di pagsasawaan

Sa iyong pag-iisa, ako’y iyong alalahanin
Sana ako nasa tabi mo upang ikaw ay makapiling
Pulo, dagat, kahit ilang milya pa ang layo ng pagitan natin
Sa pagnanais na makasama ka, dagat ay sisisirin, langit ay liliparin, lupa ma’y tatakbuhin

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Going abroad = Happiness? It's more fun in the Philippines!

"Mag-aabroad ka ba?"

Yan ang madalas na tanong sa akin ng mga tao gawa nang gagraduate na ako this April. (please, pag-graduate-in mo na ako!!). Dahil nga Nursing ang course ko, a lot, especially relatives, are expecting na mag-aabroad ako one way or another. But what are the benefits of going abroad? Is there a downside with pursuing it?

My question was answered while on my way home this morning from a mall near us.

May mga matatanda kasing naguusap. I bet they're total strangers, pero I don't know, it's easy for old people to initiate a conversation with strangers. And the funny thing is, everytime, they'd brag about their children, grandchildren, and relative's  achievements. So eto na nga, nagyayabangan sila subtly ng mga trabaho ng mga anak at kamag-anak nila. Kesyo yung isang anak, dentista o nurse sa states, MALAKI ANG SWELDO. Yung isa namang kakilala, dating working student, nagtrabaho sa talyer, at ngayon nasa Saudi, MALAKI ANG SWELDO. Yung isang anak na dentista o doktor ata, wala pa sa abroad, pinipilit na ng magulang, kasi nga MALAKI ANG SWELDO.

So I guess it boils down to the fact na pag andun ka sa ibang bansa, kahit saan pa siguro, malaki ang sweldo mo. Sabi pa naman nung lolo na madaldal sa jeep kanina, basta medical related madaling makakuha ng trabaho, mataas sweldo, sure ang trabaho. Good for me, pero honestly, as I see it, hindi madaling makakuha ng trabaho ang mga tulad kong would-be nurse, lalo na kung iisa ka lang sa libo-libong karayom sa dayami (well, buti na lang kami'y mga ginintuang karayom, madaling makita. Haha. I need not explain why).

So gets ko na, malaki naman talaga ang sweldo. At sa panahon ngayon na taghirap at lahat na lang ng presyo ay nagtataas, money is a must. Pero kahit ganun pa man, they still mentioned, "mahirap ang mabuhay sa ibang bansa." But why? Hindi ba marami silang pera dun? Bakit sila nahihirapan? Well, that's easy to answer, gawa nang marami akong kamag-anak na tumitira na sa states…


Yeah, malungkot sa states lalo na kung mag-isa ka lang. Malamig, wala kang kakilala, wala kang karamay sa problema. Maswerte ka na nga lang kung may Pinoy community doon na pwede mong katsismisan at kakwentuhan ng pinoy pick-up line (seriously, meron bang natatawas sa english na pickup line?). Kaya nga they try their best na ma-petition na ang kanilang pamilya. Una, magaan na buhay para sa mga mahal sa buhay, at pangalawa, hindi na sila malulungkot. Sabi nga nung lolo kanina, "mas masayang mamuhay sa Pilipinas. Sa buong mundo, Pilipinas ang pinaka-masaya."

Why you ask? Coz it's our nature to be happy. Madaanan ng bagyo, madaanan ng baha, ng lindol, ng sunog, sooner or later, tatawa pa rin ang mga Pinoy. Makakita nga lang ng camera sa TV, kakaway na yan, abot tenga ang ngiti. Because in these times of extreme stress, We Filipinos turn to humor and happiness with our loved ones in order to regain ourselves and to strengthen our hope. Na kahit ano pa man ang mangyari sa buhay, kesyo masama o maganda, at the end of the day, we can always prove that...


So is going abroad. It's all up to you kung pupunta ka ng abroad. Just be happy with what you choose :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let me tell you a story of a friend that I just met
Who turned my whole world upside down which I tried so hard to set
The way we met may not have been ideal, but yes I am still glad
Coz I am able to meet someone as awesome as this lad

In a spark, my heart felt comfortable, I really don't know why
Though the first time that our eyes have met, I admit that I was shy
He has a cool sense of fashion, with pretty colored plains and strokes
He makes things seem less complicated with his not-so-corny jokes

He treats me as his younger brother, for me it's something new
I've always wanted a kuya, who'd sincerely care for you
But then it started changing, my heart would then beat so fast
Up to the point that my heart pulls me, from the pictures of my past

I never thought that this will happen, I'm sure I never did
For me to treat him as more than a friend, I fear to where it'll lead
Yes I admit I started to like him, perhaps from the very start
That even just for one whole day, I don't want us to be far apart

We'd talk within few minutes to hours in just one day
I'm overflowing with happiness, with this to God I pray
That he'll be safe as always, joyful as can be
For him to follow his heart's desires, so that he will feel free

In spite of all these feelings, his happiness matters most
I'll support him in his very best, as well as in his worst
I'll listen to his stories, his own love stories for a while
and though it slightly pains my heart, I'll listen with a smile

I hope that nothing changes, after this simple poem is told
He'll always be my kuya, my bestfriend, I shall forever hold
I gathered all my courage, just to say my feelings true
and let me say this personally, that beloved friend is YOU 

---- My Love Confession